I do not kill with my gun

I do not kill with my gun



Of a wreath to the work of Stephen King fans count myself been good for several years. And though his literary works have always been at odds (the culprit of its extraordinary fertility of the species), is the cinematic adaptations always try to be up to date. For this reason, I could not forgive you select the session, the first in a long time, budget action adaptation, which is the "Dark Tower". And despite the ignorance of the source material I was able to spend time quite nicely.


 "The Dark Tower" tells the story of Jake Chambers (Tom Taylor), who after the tragic death of his father, began to haunt the nightmares of a mysterious tower and Walter, also known as the Man in Black (Matthew McConaughey). Soon it turns out that the boy tormenting dreams are not caused by trauma-related loss of one of their parents, but the real harbinger of impending doom around the world.


Man in Black is trying to destroy the Dark Tower since. The structure, which is the last line of defense of the world as we know it.


Prevent him this can only Roland (Idris Elba), the last of the Gunslingers, who has sworn revenge Walter. After the screening still I am thinking about beautiful sceneries.


Subsequent locations we visit along with the characters, breathtaking without letting off of each other eyes. Stunning landscapes are not the only strengths of this title. What most motivated me to choose the session is undoubtedly a fantastic cast. Idris Elba, of which I am a huge fan since his performance in "The Wire", as usual, presented the acting at the highest level. You also can not forget about the Man in Black and embodying at him, Matthew McConaughey, who in the role of wanting to destroy the world Walter proved to be great. No objections can be made using Tom Taylor, for whom this was the first appearance in the budget action. And "The Dark Tower" is a bad movie? Evaluation of the most important Internet portals, as well as opinions, which you will come across on forums, clearly state so. It should be kept in mind that probably most of them are fans of the assessment book series. Adapting the work of King never had the simplest sentences. The reason for this phenomenon is the easiest to blame the volume of the source material. Fans of the series, a faithful adaptation of waiting, they were disappointed after the announcement at the start of casting decisions.


I do not reveal American writing that get angry most die-hard fans of the series had a negative impact on results boxoffice'owe. In my opinion, "The Dark Tower" worth giving a chance. Maybe this is not an adaptation of an Oscar worthy, but the session may prove to be quite a nice experience. Especially for people not having no previous contact with the literary prototype. .